Career Coaching:

Career coaching is designed to assist professionals who are considering job opportunities and/or career options, whether they are currently employed or between roles. Career coaching is also helpful to professionals and executives who are working through difficult transitions, coping with personal crises, or seeking to make a personal "turnaround".


Professional Development Coaching:

Professional development coaching is helpful to professionals seeking to become better at what they do. At times, professional development coaching is undertaken to assist an employee to integrate into a new organizational culture, or to meet the demands of a changing role or context. At other times, development opportunities in relation to potential future roles are identified as part of an organizational review or succession planning process.


Leadership Coaching:

Leadership coaching is designed to meet the objectives of managers and executives who are seeking to further enhance their leadership skills. Leadership coaching is helpful to professionals who wish to further develop their skills in areas such as leading proactively, setting direction, making difficult decisions, communicating effectively, motivating performance, and maintaining balance.


Performance Coaching:

Performance coaching helps professionals address specific performance shortfalls that have been identified through a performance review, a "360 feedback" process, or a project review. At the highest level, performance coaching involves defining development needs, setting objectives, defining success, developing insights and skills, and measuring new levels of performance to ensure success.


Retirement Coaching:

Retirement coaching is helpful to professionals and executives who are seeking confirmation of their retirement plans, who would like assistance with their retirement planning, or who are unsure of what they might like to do. As with all aspects of one's career, what is best in retirement is unique to each person. For some, retirement means rest and relaxation. For others, it means a higher level of activity than ever before.